10 Clothing Tricks That Will Help You Enhance Your Figure

Our clothes are part of our non-verbal communication and can give information about ourselves to others. Therefore, it is convenient to consider not only what is fashionable but also what goes with our body and makes us look and feel good. This way we will see benefits on an emotional, social, and even work level.

1. Style your outfit using horizontal lines

For years, we have had the belief that you have to wear prints with vertical lines to look slimmer, but we could not be further from the truth. A study conducted by a research team at the University of York proved that this print makes our bodies look bulkier. The explanation is based on two optical illusions that affect the way we perceive distances, depending on whether the lines are horizontal or vertical.

2. V-necklines are our allies.

The v-neckline favors all body types because it helps reduce the volume in the chest area and enhances its natural shape (depending on the depth of the neckline). It also lengthens the neck and makes shoulders look smaller (if you have broad shoulders).

3. How to choose the correct strap width

Shoulder width, bust size, and arm shape are important when choosing the type of straps that fit you best. Separate the straps if you’re going for a wider fit and join them together to make those areas look narrower.

4. How to tell which one is the right blazer length

The blazer is a garment that should be in our closet because it fits different styles and is timeless. For the same reason, being so useful and versatile, it is crucial to know which one will favor our silhouette. This way we can invest correctly and make the most of the looks we can put together. A hip length will be ideal for those with broad shoulders, and a short one for those with wide hips.

5. Be careful when following trends in pants

Cuts, designs, colors… there is a huge variety of pants. That is why it is important to consider not only what we like and what makes us feel comfortable when buying them or what is in fashion, but we must also take into account which one will favor us for our body type. For example, flared or with volume in the legs for those who have an inverted triangle body, or skinny for the “hourglass” body.

6. The difference is in the back pockets.

When shopping for jeans, one of the most overlooked tricks is the difference between choosing pants with pockets in a style that matches your body. You have to look carefully and analyze where the pockets are in relation to the seam of the pants. For example, pockets that are too far apart from the center seam will make the butt look big, and pockets that are high, small, and closer to the seam will create the effect of a bigger butt.

7. The color of the pants matters.

The color of the pants also plays a relevant role, as dark colors stylize more than light ones, and matte textures more than shiny ones. If you want to conceal the width of your legs, it is better to opt for black wool than beige satin. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize your hips more than your shoulders, prints are great allies.

8. Knowing how to choose the ideal dress

Knowing our body type will make a huge difference when it comes to wearing a dress that favors our figure. Thus, a tight or voluminous dress can become our advantage or downfall.

9. The style of the bag plays an important role.

The style of the bag is probably not something we consider when buying one or when choosing our outfit, but we should. For a person with a large bust, a bag with a small handle on the shoulder will focus attention on that area, on the contrary, one with a long handle to the hip will be ideal.

10. Wearing shoes of the same color as the pants does make a difference.

Among the well-known visual tricks to look taller is to wear shoes in the same color as the pants, thus giving a sense of continuity that will make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Sometimes it is not our choice of clothes, but various misfortunes that can spoil our look. Luckily, there are many tricks to easily repair clothing and shoes.