10+ Pics That Showed Us How Confusing Reality Can Be

We’ve all heard about UFOs, but how would you feel if you met a one-eyed alien with 10 fingers in one hand, waving hello as it’s descending from its spaceship; would you believe your eyes? Optical illusions can mess with our brains, make us wonder and ask, “What am I looking at?”, while our neurons are working hard, firing at each other rapidly. For today’s fun activity, we’ve chosen the most curious pictures that put internet users on their toes.

“One dude chilling on a scooter, or a shirtless guy with his conjoined twin hanging out back?”

Man with curly hair about to dive into the water or someone holding a sea urchin in their palm?

“We are all about the same height. Definitely doesn’t look that way.”

“It’s a leg and an arm.”

“It’s just 2 bald men.”

Glitching ladder or 2 separate roofs?

“See-through bear? No, just a bear with its chest fur stained green.”

“My friend’s cat had surgery and now he has no pants.”

“How many toes on each foot?”

“A ghost”

“Time for a shave?”

“Hair on fire”

If we’ve tickled your taste buds for optical illusions, don’t go anywhere, we got more for you in stock. And there’s more — scientists claim that staring at these images can actually improve your eyesight, so hop on and give your vision a workout.