13 Design Tricks You Should Try at Home to Get the Coziness of a Luxury Hotel

One of the reasons why we all love traveling is staying in hotels. The beds are always beautiful and there are small bottles with gels in the bathroom. Instead of imagining how nice it would be to live in a hotel room, you can try some of the same design tricks hotels use in your own home.

Accessories made of different materials

One of the key features of hotels that make them really cozy is the mix of textures in the accessories. There have to be at least 3 textures: smooth, natural, and plush. You can use cashmere comforters with satin pillows, velvet materials, and silk pillowcases.

A well thought out bed look

According to the famous interior designer of Rocco Forte Hotels, Olga Polizzi, there should be 4 pillows on the bed: maybe a mix of fluff, feathers, and hypoallergenic pillows. The bed cover should be placed so that it covers the distance between the mattress and the bed itself, and the upper part should be rolled a little bit. Decorative cushions should be in the middle at an angle.

Large mirrors

The bigger the mirror, the more spacious the room looks. But modern hotels are using mirrors as decoration, and they place them really carefully. A famous interior designer, Nate Bersuk, says, “If you position it across from a window, or over a console with even a single candle burning, it’s really going to help make the most out of the light in that room.”


Luxurious light sources

Some hotels don’t use any paintings as decoration and instead, they use regular chandeliers. They don’t only serve as a light source, but they also look really good.

A set of white sheets

In order to make your bedroom look like a hotel room, buy a set of thick white sheets. Hotel rooms usually have satin or percale. But the fabric doesn’t matter all that much: what matters more is that the sheets are pressed and they make a sound when you touch them.

Breakfast in bed

If you want to feel as if you live in a hotel, you might want to consider getting a small breakfast tray. Enjoy your breakfast in the morning if you aren’t in a rush. You can also do something pleasant for your partner — make pancakes and serve them on this tray. Additionally, the tray can be a great kitchen accessory

A fluffy mat in the bedroom

A soft mat will help you create a pleasant feeling right in the morning when you get up. You can buy several mats and place them on each of the 3 sides of the bed. Remember, you will stand on the mat with your bare feet most of the time, so the softer it is, the better.

Cushion variety

Good hotels always have several cushion combinations on the bed. You can often see a mix of big square cushions and European-style cushions at the headrest. They create a cozy impression and serve a function. The thing is, you use some of them for sleep and others when you are sitting in bed to watch TV or read a book.


Robes are one of the biggest symbols of hotels. Visitors sometimes even have breakfast wearing these robes. By the way, if you want something to remember your vacation with, you can usually buy a robe from the hotel. Or you can buy a similar-looking robe at a regular store. You can hang it in the bathroom when you’re not using it to make it look cozier.

Curtains from the top to the bottom

Curtains in hotel rooms cover the entire window to prevent the light from getting inside. It’s perfect if you use blackout curtains. Such curtains will allow you to sleep better at night and wake up when you want and not when the sun wants you to.

Smell is most important when creating a certain atmosphere.

Every hotel has its own flavor. A good perfume is important to create a good atmosphere at home. You can use essential oils with different smells for each room. You can also use a conditioner with a certain smell for the curtains or the bedsheets. You can use flavor sticks in the bathroom and candles in the bedroom.

Rolled towels

Rolled towels are a simple way to recreate the hotel environment at home. It could be small towels for your face and hands that are in a basket, or big towels on the shelf in the bathroom.

Warm lighting in the sleeping zone

We often buy light bulbs without thinking about whether they have shine cold or warm light. But cold light tends to be invigorating, making it suitable for activities that require a high level of concentration, while warmer light is more conducive to relaxation.Therefore, in hotels, in order to take care of the guests, bedside lamps with warm light are chosen for bedrooms.

What hotel design ideas have you used in your home? Tell us in the comment section below!