14 Famous Women Who Gave Up Lip Fillers and Set an Example for Millions Around the World

In recent years, lip augmentation procedures have become more affordable and widespread. Thousands upon thousands of women of all ages are booking cosmetologist appointments after taking a look at celebrities with plump lips. However, according to a study conducted by Australian plastic surgeons, among the stars who are considered to be the most attractive, far from all celebrities follow this trend. In fact, many famous women, on the contrary, are big advocates of natural beauty and encourage others to love themselves as they are without cosmetic surgery.

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner is one of the few stars who has not only admitted to reshaping her lips with the help of fillers but has also regretted it and returned them to their former state. The reality star revealed this on her Instagram. Now she is completely happy with her appearance and at the moment has no plans of changing anything.

Emma Watson


Emma Watson is regularly ranked by fashion magazines as one of the world’s most attractive women with thin lips. They say that the actress’s example can motivate many women to embrace their natural beauty, without surgery or cosmetic intervention.

Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston is an advocate of natural beauty and natural aging. And even without plump lips, she achieved the title of one of the most attractive stars in the world. Though the actress has sought surgeons’ help several times, it was for medical reasons. It was about correcting her nasal septum. But nothing more.

Megan McKenna

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The star of Celebrity Big Brother, Megan McKenna, has revealed that she tried trendy beauty treatments but decided to go back to her old look. She said, like many other women, she was prompted to change her lips by social media. Today, Meghan is convinced: “People need to remember that people edit their pictures, they change the way they want to look. You need to just be yourself.”

Heidi Klum

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The famous model has never had plastic surgery and has no intention of altering her natural features in any way. Heidi says if she were to take such a risk, she simply wouldn’t be able to look at herself in the mirror. She’s terrified of how much cosmetic injections can change a person’s face.

Karlie Kloss

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Karlie Kloss prefers makeup secrets to fillers. When the model wants to make her lips look plumper, she enhances them with a lip liner that matches their color exactly. Simply draw the outline beyond the natural lip line and magic happens, the model shared with the magazine Vogue Australia.

Kirsten Dunst


The actress is repeatedly hailed by magazines as an example of natural beauty without intervention. And yet it took Dunst years to realize that she has an attractive appearance that needs no alterations. Director Sofia Coppola helped her to come to this realization. She, according to Kristen, taught the actress to ignore others’ opinions of her beauty and gave her lasting confidence.

Lisa Rinna

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TV series star Lisa Rinna has opted for an upper lip augmentation in the past. At first, she liked the novelty, but later it started to irritate her. It got to the point where the actress couldn’t touch her mouth, that’s how much it bothered her. The criticism from others also added to the pressure. Eventually, the star had to go though a lot to regain the natural shape of her lips.

Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart has repeatedly criticized the modern film industry for putting psychological pressure on actresses. The Twilight star calls surgical or cosmetic intervention in people’s appearance vandalism. She is terrified at the mere thought of going under the knife: “Maybe that’s completely arrogant, but I don’t want to change anything about myself.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow has spoken out about her negative experience with beauty injections. The actress said that she was going through a midlife crisis at the age of 40 and therefore decided to experiment with changing her appearance.

She called the results a disaster, as after the procedures her forehead was completely frozen. This once and for all ended the pursuit of eternal youth for the actress. Now in her 50s, she still makes the lists of the most beautiful women, also because of her delicate thin lips.

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer has been repeatedly criticized for her appearance. According to the actress, the bulk of criticism she received was for her thin lips, which make her look like she’s always smirking. At one point, the star’s patience came to an end, and she said that she wasn’t a model or a role model and didn’t have to look perfect: “I was born with it. That’s my smile.”

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is another person who prefers sophisticated makeup over fillers. Her trick is to create the desired lip shape with nothing more than a lip liner. Soft tinted strokes visually add volume.

Alicia Silverstone

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In the 90s, Alicia Silverstone became an iconic personality in Hollywood. After the release of the film Clueless, thousands of teenagers dreamed of being like her. Years later, the actress is still in the limelight. But now she’s an example for an older audience. Silverstone openly advocates natural aging without fillers, injections, or surgery: “I don’t want to put anything in my body. I want to age naturally. I think that on film, I would like to represent humans.”

Courteney Cox

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Another celebrity who’s regretted her lip augmentation, and has had it undone, is Friends star, Courteney Cox. The procedure was initially casually suggested to her by her doctor. The actress agreed and only later realized how unnatural her new face looks. Moreover, Courteney’s friends also started to comment on it. So she came to the conclusion that she has to return to her previous appearance and now encourages others to love themselves in their natural look.