15+ Coincidences That Seemed Totally Impossible but They Still Happened

Finding 2 people or things that are 100{85778dde82fa08e652989991f82bf855dccf8686a566e00f0174f93b0c646b62} identical is impossible. But there are still some things that look like someone used the copy and paste function in real life, such as when you see several very similar animals or buy a rug that perfectly matches your dog.

“My nail polish is a perfect match to my plum, even down to the shimmer.”

“Our dog matches our shag area rug almost perfectly.”

“My leggings matched the chair at the vacation rental.”

“Catnal space.”

“Went to our local cinema on Sunday and took a photo of the screen to show some friends. This random lady now has Superman’s laser vision.”

“Found a carrot that matches the form of my finger.”

“The egg yolk matched my bowl perfectly.”

“Chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura’s accidental hat.”

“Perfectly aligned.”

“On our walk today, we met two dogs identical to ours.”

“This random car matched the color of my nails.”

“My new housemate and I discovered that her coasters match my mugs (almost) perfectly.”

“Got a new scratcher for my cats and realized the cat on the label looks just like my girl.”

“The way my shoes match this hotel’s carpet perfectly.”

“Randomly found an old building that matches a painting I have.”

“Got copy pasted too many times.”

“Just built raised garden beds. Figured I’d lay rocks between them instead of grass maintenance. Got a surprise unplanned perfect fit with the lawn mower.”

Have you ever experienced such coincidences? We’d love it if you shared your photos.