15 People Who Clearly Didn’t Understand Their Job Description

There are so many times that people will talk about common sense, but the truth is that it’s not always used. If it did, everything around us would be perfect. But, maybe it’s a good thing that people think differently, even if it means that errors are made. And there is nothing funnier than people who make hilarious mistakes that give us something to smile about.

1. “Landlord said he was installing shower doors.”

2. “Ah yes… repairing the ground, uh.”

3. “Not my job to keep the gate working while installing drainage.”

4. “I wonder what came first.”

5. “I have to suffer from looking at this every time I go shopping.”

6. “They just made the strawberry part too big, so they had to adjust the amount of the others. But it’s still funny.”

7. “I have to look at this every day.”

8. “Uh, where’s his mustache?”

9. “My wife ordered a bottle of spices, and they didn’t have it in the store, so they shipped it, and it came exactly like this.”

10. “Put up that speed limit sign.”

11. “Aren’t the pickles supposed to be on the inside.”

12. “This one’s kinda impressive.”

13. So, can you make a right turn here?

14. “Ground staff pulled the wrong handle and MD-80’s butt fell off.”

15. Deadbolt’s ready

What is the most terrible thing you’ve seen someone do at their job? Was it something that affected you personally or something that affected everyone around you?