15 People Who Expected a Nice Dinner, but the Restaurant Said, “Nope”

Every cafe and restaurant tries to attract customers and keep them satisfied. They use unusual decorations, exotic menus, and creative meals. But there’s always a risk of trying too hard and overdoing it. And this is what happened to the people in this article.

“Got sandy feet as a dessert.

“I have a sinking feeling about this quesadilla.”

“The sushi place we went to served us on a skateboard.”

A 3-Michelin star restaurant serves table crackers on rocks.

“The sauce was dripping from the holes.”

“A friend ordered tiramisu. Why sugar the lid?”

“The juices dripped onto my legs through that nice crack in the board.”

“We want…less plate?”

“I remembered how we were served a pork sandwich in Spain.”

“I was served a drink. Yes, these are actual worms.”

“Pasta flight, ended up everywhere…”

“My friend was craving nachos and they came in a dog bowl…”

“At a 2 Michelin-star restaurant”

“Not sure whether to eat it or launch it!”

Soup in some burnt cabbage

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