15 Simple Beauty Secrets From Celebrities That Anyone Can Use

No matter whether celebrities like using different beauty products or not, they often have to learn the tricks to look their best. Some find these life hacks online, while others learn them from their older relatives. In any case, these tricks are quite simple and anyone can use them.

Cardi B uses onion water for hair.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/East News

To give her hair shine and radiance, the singer takes care of it using with onion juice. She boils onion bulbs in water, and then uses the liquid during washing. Cardi B says that this is an old recipe. At some point, she stopped using it just because she was lazy. By the way, according to her, there is no unpleasant smell after such washing.

Kendall Jenner only highlights her upper lip.

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In the past, the well-known model used to completely outline her lip line with lipstick or pencil, slightly protruding beyond the edges. Recently, she has learned that in order to make the lips look plump, it is enough to only emphasize the upper lip line, and then carefully distribute the product over the rest of the lips. This creates an effect similar to the use of fillers.

Priyanka Chopra uses coconut oil hair masks.

Joel C Ryan/Invision/East News

The actress notes that the condition of her hair greatly affects her self-esteem. But without proper care, her thick hair quickly becomes dry and difficult to manage. So, before washing her hair, she usually massages coconut oil into her scalp, wraps her head with a warm towel for about an hour, and then rinses the oil out. In her opinion, this nourishes the scalp and promotes healthier hair growth

Julianne Moore uses a little trick to make a clear outline with a pencil.


The actress complains that she managed to destroy her own eyebrows almost completely, so outlining them each time becomes a feat for her. To make the lines smoother, she starts working with a pencil from the center, outlining the lower contour. At the same time, Moore presses the tip of her pinky finger against the tip of her nose, which helps her keep the pencil straight.

Madelyn Cline applies her cleansing gel with a brush.

The star of the Knives Out: Glass Onion picked this trick up on TikTok, and according to her, it really helps her fight acne. First, she pours a sufficient amount of her cleanser into her palm, whips it up, and then uses a brush to apply it to her face. Then she gently presses the skin with the pads of her fingers, pushing in the gel, and then washes off the foam. According to her, this method significantly better cleanses the pores.

Olive oil helped Chloë Grace Moretz beat acne.

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

Celebrities sometimes use unusual methods to solve skin problems. When ordinary methods couldn’t get rid of Moritz’s acne, she decided to test olive oil. After a few months, her skin looked much better. The actress says that the use of oil, surprisingly, made her dry skin more neutral. Before applying mascara, the girl usually dilutes it with a small amount of water so that her eyelashes do not stick together and clumps do not appear on them.

Emma Roberts puts small dots in the center of her lower eyelids.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

The actress likes misleading people by looking like she uses significantly more makeup than she really does. Usually, Roberts doesn’t overdo it with eye makeup, she just enhances her eyelashes with mascara and applies a little eyeshadow on the upper eyelids. To emphasize the expressiveness of her gaze, Emma simply places small dots in the center of the lower eyelids along the lash line.

Sydney Sweeney uses Vaseline instead of eye cream.

Thomas Bohlen/Starface/STARFACE PHOTO /East News

The actress is not sure if this method will work for everyone, but she uses regular Vaseline on the skin under her eyes. When other areas of her face seem too dry, she applies this product everywhere. Prior to this, Sweeney tried many products, but they all dried out her skin, which made makeup application difficult. The girl decided to try Vaseline, which changed everything. Additionally, she removes eye makeup with this product.

Blake Lively uses her mom’s haircare tricks.

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Even though the actress doesn’t listen to all of her mom’s advice, she still uses some of her beauty recipes. For example, Lively takes care of her hair using egg yolk and mayo. She says this mix works great.

Megan Thee Stallion uses 2 shades to create perfect lips.

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The singer first applies the darker shade on her lips, and then she uses the lighter one and applies it in the center. After that, she mixes the colors, achieving a great effect.

To make her eyes more expressive, she highlights the inner corners with light shades, and adds some foundation on the area under the eyes because usual concealers start to crack on her skin.

Brooke Shields uses an unusual technique to make her eyebrows look more expressive.

JA / Everett Collection / East News

Thick, wide eyebrows have been the actress’s signature look for a long time. To achieve the look, Shields doesn’t use cosmetic products but a special drawing pencil that artists use to sketch. It perfectly fills in any problem areas. After that, the actress simply applies a special lipstick to her eyebrows to make the arches look even and help the hairs lie in the best possible position.

Drew Barrymore prefers eyeliners of natural colors.

Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News

To highlight the expressiveness of her eyes, the actress doesn’t use white eyeliner, which she finds looks unnatural, but rather more natural pink shades. She discovered a new eyeliner that is applied to the inner lash line. According to Barrymore, the pink color makes her eyes brighter and as a result, they simply shine

Kate Winslet uses professional artist brushes for applying makeup.

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

The actress tries not to overdo it with powder because she doesn’t like when her skin looks too matte. To apply makeup, she usually uses professional brushes that artists use because they seem more effective to her. Winslet avoids applying heavy products around the eye area. Such cosmetics tend to gather in folds over time and add extra years to a person’s appearance.

Demi Moore tries to wash her hair less often.

Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Abaca/East News

Throughout her career, Demi Moore has often experimented with her hair. She has dyed it in different colors, changed her hairstyle, and even shaved her head once. Now the star prefers not to bother her hair when it’s not necessary. If she doesn’t have to make a public appearance, she avoids any styling and washes her hair as little as possible. Moore believes that hair health comes from the inside, so she doesn’t get too involved with any special procedures and just trims the ends from time to time.

To make her lipstick look perfect, Emily Alyn Lind exfoliates her lips.

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To make her lips look fuller and ensure that her lipstick goes on smoothly, the actress uses one trick. She first removes the layer of dead skin with a small towel. She gently rubs the cloth on her lips and the surrounding area. After that, Lind applies the lipstick, using her finger to apply it to the central part of her upper lip. This makes the makeup look more natural. She then powders her lips and adds a second layer of lipstick.