16 Cool Photos That Prove the Right Angle Makes a Great Shot

In order to take a cool photo you have to do more than just press a button on a high-end camera. It’s important to choose the right angle. Sometimes this preparation takes a really long time, but sometimes cool photos are made spontaneously. Either way, these photos are awesome illusions that some lucky photographers managed to capture.

Took a photo of my parents’ dog, she looks like a wall mount.

What a cool perspective!

A bottom-up view of the Eiffel Tower

Badass pigeons

Through a dog’s eyes

A toy car

Cat from below

Big sis, Little sis

Bodiless cow


A sinking building in Paris

Just a guy with a beard

Giant dog

Building a ship

Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future

Bonus: ever wonder why the American bald eagle is always photographed from the side?

And which photo amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!