16 People Who Are Living In Some Kind Of Sitcom

There is nothing like a good laugh to brighten up our day. And some situations go beyond being hilarious, they make us feel as if we’re visiting a surreal world of comedy. They might even challenge our brains at first because they can be so absurd and confusing. But it’s these unique situations that stay engraved in our memory forever. That’s because they will still make us laugh uncontrollably, even if we remember them decades later.

1. “My nana asked me to fix her phone because ’the outside clock is always showing the wrong time.’”

In general, many people have their own special relationship with technology.

2. ’’This monkey suddenly appeared and started licking our window.’’

3. ’’My wife asked me why I smelled like a wet dog.’’

A lot of people have learned from experience that humor is indispensable in family life.

4. ’’I asked my crush what she was doing, and she sent me this.’’

5. ’’My boyfriend’s sister tried to fix some broken decorations.’’

Every family has a member whose antics are simply unforgivable.

6. ’’Police pulled me over, asked me why I keep a baseball bat in my car.’’

7. ’’I live with my grandparents and this is where I found the TV remote this morning.’’

8. ’’My dad after realizing he ate half his sandwich with the wrapper on.’’

9. ’’My 2 friends who are dating just got a place together. The girl and I were out and came back to see this on the wall.’’

10. ’’What the life of a 6’2″ girl is like’’

11. ’’My wife was excited to hear that there was a vegetarian option during the BBQ for Teacher Appreciation Week. It was this.’’

Sometimes people’s partners do things that are guaranteed to become an amazing anecdote later.

12. ’’Today I’m the only person in the office. I found out that this is the underside of my co-worker’s mouse.’’

People like this, who find ways to make completely ordinary things interesting, definitely make the world a better place.

13. ’’I cut my own hair the night before picture day when I was 6.’’

14. ’’Our yard ornament was stolen 3 months ago. Today it showed up in our yard, but with a new touch.’’

15. “My mom locked my switch and I can’t find the key.”

16. “My wife sleeps (?) like this?