18 People Whose Resourcefulness Went a Little Further Than Expected

Some people manage to be creative and imaginative not only when tackling difficult tasks but also in ordinary situations — whether it’s a long wait at the airport, choosing food for dinner, or cleaning the house. And even though sometimes the solutions these innovators come up with may seem controversial, you’re sure to never get bored in their company.

“Delta passenger puts down mattress and goes to sleep at the gate.”

“After some incidents, my coworker started wearing protection.”

“Was too lazy to buy shower curtain rings, so I present to you my solution.”

“My boyfriend’s solution to hold the spoon while he eats cereals.”

“I hate it when job interviewers ask, ‘What is your greatest strength,’ so I printed up these business cards to just hand out when asked.”

“Had to add a large amount of fresh pepper to a dish. Worked like a charm”

Clear instructions

When you do not know what to choose

“The kids wanted Spiderman costumes… did not disappoint.”

“Affordable marriage proposal”

“Printed these labels to keep my kids away from my treats. Works like a charm”

“Every Xmas I give my kids a personalized card. This year I decided to mess with them.”

“My youngest kid hid his leftover French fries in the fruit bowl so his older brother wouldn’t find and eat them. It worked!”

“If you have an old double bed duvet, you can pop it over the X-mas tree in order to remove it from the house without losing pine needles everywhere.”

“I’m a bloody genius.”

“How to reheat food in hotel”

“Someone crocheted a tire cover.”

“I had a romantic dinner with my wife this evening.”

Do you have any clever tricks that everyone around you thinks are a joke?