20+ Little Things That Make Everyday Objects Cooler and More Convenient

If something useful is added to everyday items, the consumer will certainly appreciate it. And they’re likely to tell others about it. Like, for example, the person who, in a jar of pickles, found a handy device for pulling them out.

“My toothbrush wishing me a happy birthday”

“This jar makes sure you never have to go digging in the bottom.”

“This chair in the food court of a mall has a notch cut out for your bags.”

“My kettle tells you how warm the water is.”

“A microwave with built-in outlets”

“A deep fryer built into this old stove”

“This minivan comes with a built-in vacuum.”

“This trash can that allows you to easily sweep into.”

“This napkin at dinner tonight had a buttonhole to let you attach it to your shirt rather than having to tuck it in.”

“This factory pipe displays temperature like a thermometer.”

“This buttocks pad to lean up against while waiting for your order at McDonald’s.”

“My new toilet seat glows in the dark.”

“My new inhaler comes with a countdown.”

“My breakfast rusk had finger slopes for easy removal.”

“My new measuring spoons include a pinch, dash, and a tad.”

“New terminal in Orlando airport has wireless charging built into the seat armrest.”

“This lighter has an accurate ruler on it.”

“This jelly jar can be used as a glass once it’s finished.”

“My new hoover has headlights.”

“This bag has a second strip of tape in case you have to return it.”

“These button cut-outs on my iron”