20+ Surprising Snapshots from Mundane Situations

People often say, “I won’t believe it until I see it for myself.” But sometimes photographers manage to confuse even the most observant people by using location, perspective, and perfect timing to get the most mind-boggling shot.

1. “Dog looking from behind a door.”

2. “I thought she was wearing toe socks.”

3. “Napping comfortably”

4. “Giant hand baby.”

5. “Odd angle I thought.”

6. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

7. “My wife took this photo a long time ago: man riding bird.”

8. “Standing on the edge of a skyscraper?”

9. “There are 4 cats in this picture.”

10. “Don’t let the headhunters find him.”

11. “It looks like the girl on the left was facing her friend, then turned her head unnaturally at the last second.”

12. “My mom’s dog”

13. “Don’t usually brag but I’ve been saving a lot for this watch and finally managed to buy it.”

14. “My dog found some portals under my bed.”

15. “A cat coming out of the wall”

16. “Can anyone explain this? (I was not the shadow).”

17. “Hiker got tired and needed a ride.”

18. “A cat casually passing through a car.”

19. “This picture of a friend hiking makes him look like a giant sitting amongst mountains.”

20. “A man playing billiards on my car.”

21. Woah, that fish is huge! Or is it?

Which picture confused you the most? Do you see the fourth kitten in #9?