20+ Tattoos That Belong in a Humor Museum, Not on the Body

Anyone can fall victim to a tattoo mishap — just think of Ariana Grande’s “Japanese-style barbecue grill” ink on the palm of her hand. Sometimes people are let down by unscrupulous or outright unskilled artists, while others go so far down the rabbit hole of imagination when choosing their design that it’s hard to suppress a chuckle when looking at the end result.

1. “Twilight tattoo”

2. “Roommate got an ‘Adam Sandler Click tattoo’ on his chest for some reason.”

3. “A bad tattoo, this is”

4. “I saw this years ago, and, sure enough, I had to get it too. My artist had a blast.”

5. “I was told this should live here.”

6. “This tattoo was apparently supposed to be of ‘stars.’”

7. “Batman cat that I got last year. Now in the process of a cover-up”

8. “A girl I went to high school with has this on her upper thigh.”

9. “There is so much to unpack here.”

10. “Don’t take directions from this woman.”

11. We bet it’s even more fun doing these sorts of requests.

12. “Buddy got this as a joke, kinda love it tho, lol.”

13. “My very own terrible tattoo”

14. “What angle do you want the plane from?” “All of them”

15. “Bertmern”

16. The magnificent shading deserves a special mention.

17. “One of my friends from high school got this tat, and it hurts me too much to tell him how awful it is.”

18. “Them lines tho!”

19. You can’t argue with that.

20. “Fortunately, the owner of this tattoo thinks it’s perfect.”

21. “Roommate got a tattoo during a party at our apartment. Guess what it is.”

  • A mouse with a pointy hat. © sweet_yeast / Reddit
  • It’s supposed to be a hammerhead shark. © hufsicle / Reddit