20 Times When Perspective Made Us Believe For a Moment in the Impossible

Whether it’s transparent walls, floating people, or the sky cutting through buildings — these are just a few examples of the tricks our minds can play on us. A weird angle or an unusual perspective is all it takes to trick our eyes into believing we see something that’s not actually there.

1. “Due to the chair leg and this guy’s posture, it looks like he’s wearing high heels.”

2. “My bodyless dog”

3. “I took a picture of balconies.”

4. “My dog has legs for days.”

5. “It looks like the stone in this bathroom is transparent.”

6. “Sky behind the wall?”

7. “When your neighbor puts up a 40 foot observation tower.”

8. “This is a photo of a car.”

9. “This pic of my girlfriend lying down after a hike looks photoshopped.”

10. “Doggo’s legs are transparent!”

11. “My half-finished glass of milk looked empty until I did a double take.”

12. “Brewed my morning coffee with my mug upside down.”

13. “It’s a plain white van.”

14. “A long dog.”

15. “They suit him!”

16. “Canine centaur”

17. “She’s floating.”

18. “What real love looks like”

19. “My dog in the morning”

20. “She okay?”

Which image took you the longest to figure out? Have you taken any photos that you had trouble understanding no matter how hard you looked?