21 Photos Where There Are More Things Happening Than It Might Seem at First Glance

From time to time, each of us ends up taking unsuccessful photos, such as ones where we have half-closed eyes or a strange grimace. But even when we actually look great in the frame, there’s always the possibility that something strange and funny is happening in the background. And then the most trivial shot turns into a masterpiece.

This friendly stingray was eager to participate in the proposal.

This girl seems to be the happiest person in the world.

“My younger brother got married last weekend. I’m now the only unmarried sibling. I think the photographer was able to capture my awkward pain.”

“Someone please explain to me why my brother, who graduated in 2015, came to MY graduation dressed like this..”

There is one unexpected person in this photo.

It’s impossible to decide what’s the best part of this photo: the expression on the face of the drummer or a frankfurter that someone threw at the guitarist.

“We’ll talk about hairstyles later, first let’s talk about the guy on the bike.”

The character from “Monopoly” came to a hearing at the Senate.

Love is when your boyfriend holds your head so that you can drink lying down.

“Probably the weirdest photobomb ever.”

Share the ice cream with me!

How long will it take you to find the dog in the auditorium?

The girl’s just sunbathing…no, not the one in the foreground.

When it’s not only you who wants to take a selfie at the top of the mountain.