7 Tips on How to Spot Fake Items

From Adidas sneakers and Louis Vuitton bags to Chanel perfume and decorative cosmetics, the total value of counterfeit goods is expected to grow to close to $3 trillion. Marketers work hard to get us to pay a fortune for something, and people often take advantage of this, offering luxurious things but for little money. And while some copies look almost identical to the originals, fake items can put you in danger because they don’t pass certification and inspection.

1. Adidas shoes

  • Original Adidas lace eyelets aren’t made of metal, except for some older models. Also, don’t forget to count how many there are. Original models always have 6 eyelets on junior and women’s shoes and 7 eyelets on men’s shoes.
  • Check the heel logo. If it’s genuine, the logo’s size fills up the back of the heel and is neatly executed. Fake pairs usually have a small, deformed, and misspelled logo.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the heel. The original model will be flat, while the fake will be rounded. Also, keep in mind that Adidas hasn’t released shoes with heel tags in years, so the real sneakers won’t have heel tags.
  • Check the serial number that is situated on the label of the shoe’s tongue. A real pair will have 2 different serial numbers for both the right shoe and the left shoe. A fake pair will always have the same serial number for both shoes.

2. Chanel perfume

  • First, check the appearance of the bottle. The label should be made with raised letters and be perfectly aligned. Check the small collar around the neck of the bottle. It should be centered and fit the neck.
  • Look at the bottom of the bottle. The print should have no spelling mistakes and be in alignment with the bottle, not crooked. Compare the batch code and barcode. In the original version, you will find the barcode right at the backside and also at the bottom of the unopened perfume box.

3. Louis Vuitton bags

  • Make sure the pattern is consistent throughout the bag. The pattern should look straight and be a mirror image of itself going all the way across the bag. If a circle pattern is cut off on one side of the bag, it should be cut off at the same point on the other side.
  • Check for upside-down LVs on the bag’s rear. Because Louis Vuitton bags are made from one continuous strip of leather, the LV emblems should be right side up on the front and upside down on the back.
  • Inspect the bag’s hardware and zipper for overall quality. It should be made of actual metal with a gold coating.

4. MAC lipstick

  • heck the box. The name of the hue and barcode should be written on the sticker.
  • Read the serial number on the tube’s base. Genuine MAC lipsticks have serial numbers starting with A, B, or C, usually followed by 2 numbers, like, for example, A44 or B32.
  • Check the MAC logo on the cap of the lipstick. The actual MAC logo should look like it’s almost carved into the cap of the tube and the font should be much smaller in height with the letters close together. The dots on either side of the “A” should also be perfectly round.
  • Smell the lipstick. If it’s genuine, you’ll notice a soft vanilla scent. Fake MAC lipsticks might smell like fruit or candy.

5. The Cartier Love bracelet

  • Real Cartier jewelry will be stamped with its respective metal type, such as Au 750 or 750 for 18k gold as well as Pt 950 or 950 for platinum.
  • Weigh the bracelet. A genuine Cartier Love bracelet weighs 30 to 38 grams, depending on the design.
  • Check the serial number. In addition to the standard stamping that all Cartier jewelry has, both halves of the Love bracelet will include the bracelet’s serial number.

6. Crocs

  • Check the logo. Genuine Crocs have an imprinted Duke logo on the insole. Duke should have 2 eyes and 6 even bumps on his back, with 2 hands visible, each with 3 fingers.
  • Genuine Crocs must have circulation nubs on the insoles.
  • Check the shoes’ soles. Authentic Crocs include the Crocs logo in the center of the bottom on one side of the sole.

7. Levi’s jeans

  • Check the design of the patch for any errors. Genuine Levi’s always have the model, waist, and leg measurements printed in black letters. This is due to the fact that they first create the stock label and then print these characteristics onto each particular pair of jeans.
  • The leather patch will not be too light or too dark, and the tag will not fade in the wash.
  • Off-center labels or spelling errors are further indicators that the pair is fake.

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