My Puppy Chewed My Toe to the Bone While I Slept and Saved My Life

David Lindsay, 64, lives in Cambridge. One day, the man woke up in horror to find his dog chewing his toe. As terrible as it may seem, the man’s toe was literally chewed to the bone. But this story has an unexpected turn, as David’s pet puppy literally saved the man’s life.

An ordinary morning brought a stir into David’s life.

David Lindsay is a retired builder living in Cambridge. He has told how he once woke up in horror to find that his beloved puppy had chewed his big toe “to the bone”.

The man said he was awakened by a yell from his wife as he was asleep on a sofa in their house, only to find his right big toe was missing.

The bone in his toe was fractured by his pet puppy, Harley, as the man was sleeping.

The dog literally saved his owner’s life.

The seemingly horror incident turned out to be a real life-saver. Doctors later discovered that David had lost the feeling in his feet because he had two blocked arteries in his legs.

Despite the injury and the shock, David, who’s a father to five daughters and grandfather to 11 children, doesn’t want to get rid of the naughty dog because it obviously saved his life.

Thanks to Harley’s shenanigan, his owner is now being assessed for stents, which could open up the arteries and restore circulation to David’s limbs.

And it’s not the first time when dogs demonstrated their capacity to save lives. There’s another case of a Samoyed dog who stopped the traffic to warn people that her owner was having a seizure.

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